Friday, 21 March 2008

You’re a liar Mr Brown and you know it!

During PMQs this week, the appointed Prime Minister said “The allocation of funds in the UK is based on a needs assessment that started more than 30 years ago, has been agreed by all parties subsequently and has been followed by every government since…It is based on the idea we should allocate resources in the UK on the basis of need. That is the basis on which the Barnett Formula exists.”

This is an absolute lie, yet it has been ignored by the Tories and the national newspapers. The MP that questioned the PM, was Graham Stringer MP for Manchester, who you may remember as the man No.10 tried to gag when he raised Barnett last year. Mr. Stringer said: “It was a bizarre answer and 100% wrong.”

Fiona Hall, a North-East Liberal Democrat Euro-MP, said: "The very problem is that it is not based on need. The formula has no legal or democratic justification and my constituency has increasingly lost out due to this unfair system of funding distribution."

The Nationals don’t seem too bothered, but where it has been picked up in the press, it has been described as…

A “Gaffe” in the Liverpool Post
A “Gaffe” again in The Northern Echo
…and my favorite a “Brownie” in The Spectator

A Brownie? Funny, because I would have called it a bare faced LIE!


Wyrdtimes said...

I feel a letter to my MP coming on.

When will they stand for us?

Terry Heath said...

don't forget to write to the PM himself at

...but don't tell any "Brownies"

Alfie said...

I saw it live - and immediately pickd it up...... shame the rest of the 645 porkers didn't. Not a word of protest, nothing.

It wasn't even commented upon in the after-event analysis on the Daily Politics.

What a bloody disgrace.