Sunday, 7 February 2010

Scotland and England together on equal terms!

I was pondering Tony Blair's handwritten note on the front page of a copy of the Scotland Act. It reads...

To Donald,
It was a struggle, it may always be hard : but it was worth it. Scotland and England together on equal terms!
Tony Blair

I agree with this statement! England and Scotland should be on equal terms. If no major party will support an English Parliament, I therefore propose the following...

> We create 30 additional seats in the Scottish Parliament
> These additional MSPs will be returned from English constituencies
> The First Minister and Finance Minister will be selected from these English MSPs
> The First Minister will not be validated by an election: he would be there because he thinks "it’s his turn”
> The Finance Minister will be appointed because because he is the First Minister’s mate
> The First MInister and Finance Minister will sign a solemn oath swearing to hold England’s "interests paramount” in all their "actions and deliberations"

These powerful individuals will be sure that every measure they proposed for the Scottish people would have an automatic 20-odd% of votes in their favour, courtesy of the 30 non-Scottish MSPs.

Then, and only then, will Scotland and England be together on equal terms!

Do you think anyone would mind? No? Let's do it!