Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Who's kidding who?

Last Saturday's episode of Dr Who, broadcast on BBC1, had a scene which portrayed the English as racists by using the phrase "England for the English" in the context of someone being sent to a labour camp.

Dr Who is made by BBC Wales and they have been consistent in their use of “Britain” and “British”, until now. Rather than use the better known and older phrase "Britain for the British", they changed it somewhat. Why? And how did this come about?

I imagine a room somewhere in BBC Wales, two writers are working their way through their creative block... about "British Jobs for British People"?

... No, that wouldn't work, the author is Scottish

...OK, how about "Britain for the British"? It was the title of a book written in 1902 by a socialist and was adopted as a theme by the then fledgling Labour Party. It was also a popular theme for the National Front in the 1970s and is commonly used by the BNP today.

...No, that wouldn't work either, because it includes Scots and Welsh. We've got to think of a way to slag off the English whilst leaving the Welsh and the Scots squeaky clean.

...I know, I know! How about we change the word "Britain" to "England" and then change "British" to "English"? So, "Britain for the British" becomes "England for the English"!

... Brilliant! That way we can liable the English and leave a subliminal message in the minds of the viewer

... Yes, but will it work? Surely people will realise that English national sentiment has only arisen since devolution and if anything they're the most tolerant nation in these islands.

... God no, they'll realise nothing! The tellie is often the only source of information for these plebs and we ARE THE TELLIE!

... are you sure they'll forget so easily?

... they're like bloody goldfish! Most are so dumb they won't remember the phrase "Britain for the British" was ever used by the time the programme has finished.

... Got it! So, if we say it often enough and no one complains, it'll become received knowledge and everyone will only associate such a negative phrase with England and English!


... Well now we've put that one to bed, let's go and
thump an English horse!


Wyrdtimes said...

Dr Who has form... they had a character called "Harold Saxon" in one episode who turned out to be the arch baddy "the Master".

It seems trivial... but then it is primarily aimed at kids and forms part of the drip drip drip of anti English indoctrination issued forth from the British Brainwashing Corporation.

Anonymous said...

"England for the English"! Yeah, how about brown for the rope, or idiot bbc, tree-huggers for acting like adults? Now wouldn't that make a change?
Another hastily thought out and vindictive bbc wales scheme ah? Oh well done, the boyos. Oh yeah, I wish I was half as smart as them huh? Aren't they smart? Yeah, they are, they're very smart and clever and sophisticated. That must be why they've never amounted to anything right? I s'pose there are some welsh "colonists' is Patagonia. They have names like Estaban boyo and Miguel taffeta.
When I was a kid I seem to remember hearing the welsh whine, and whine, and whine about the "oppressive" and "discriminatory" English! I s'pose they've never heard of the word hypocrisy.
Personally, I couldn't care less what some bbc wales wannabe commie says about England. "Their" language will never be a world language! (Actually, half the "welsh" language is latin. Remember the Romans? The welsh do. They were taken over by them and oppressed by them for four hundred years! Aha! ha! Maybe that's why they're so bitter) They will never be known as anything other than "a part of England". To hell with them. The funny thing is their plan might backfire. Maybe a lot of English kids will start thinking like Harold Saxon. Maybe when they grow up they just might realise that they were being got at. Maybe they'll want to make the idiots who belittled them and their country pay! Carry on bbc keep stoking the fire you idiots.

McFeagle said...

England for the English
Scotland for the Scottish
Wales for the Welsh

Is that what you want ?

Maybe Britain for the English, Scots and Welsh .

Do you really think that the BBC are deliberately discriminating against the English ?